Prof. Koji Makanae

- Dean & Professor, School of Project Design, Miyagi University, Japan
- Chairman of the Civil Engineering Informatics Sub-committee on
  the Information Technology Committee, JSCE.
- Chairman of CONVR2010
   (10th Interenational Conference on Construction Applications
    of Virtual Reality 2010)

- Ph.D. in Information Sciences, Tohoku University, 1998.
- Master's degree in Education, Yokohama National University, 1990.

- A Member of
        Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE)
        The Association of Japanese Geographers(AJG)
        Japan Society of Traffic Engineers(JSTE)
        Virtual Reality Society of Japan(VRSJ)
        Human Interface Society of Japan(HISJ)
        GIS Association in Japan(GISA)
        ITS Japan


Spatial Informatics
- 3D Geographic Information Systems
-  Geomorphologic Simulations  etc..

Civil Engineering Informatics
- Informatics in Infrastructure Life-cycles
- Product Model
- 3D CAD/CG  for Highway Engineering
- Virtual Reality Systems
- Intelligent Transportation Systems  etc..

Movies of  Recent Studies



Computer Graphics
- C/C++, C#, VB
- OpenGL, OpenCV etc.
- Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems

Design Informatics
- CAD/GIS and Simulations
- Spatial Information Systems

Contact Address

Prof. Koji Makanae
School of Project Design
, Miyagi University
1 Gakuen, Taiwa, Miyagi 981-3298, Japan
koji @ 
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